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Potential danger of PV module

1, Too large Negative Tolerance


Ø  Not qualified

l  Lack of high accuracy test equipment for cells and modules, just add the nominal power of the cells, the tolerance of the module can not be effectively controlled

l  Can not control low quality cells and craft lostcause the negative solar modules 

l  Some manufactures even lower the price by using negative tolerance of the module to compete in the market.


Ø  Ours

l  Adopting international top brand materials

l  All the materials and finished products will pass strict test by the 3A level test machine imported from OLBRICHT Germany

l  Make standard modules according to the TUV and IEC standards


2, Large reverse current of solar cells will lower the conversion efficiency of the solar modules, and cause temperature rise of it, then shorten its lifespan, even make the module burnt and ruin the whole system


Ø  Not qualified

l  Using low quality and low efficiency cells

l  Lack of test ability of solar cells and quality control failurecaused the cells of different efficiency are assembled in the same module


Ø  Ours

l  Use high quality material, use top brand and high efficiency solar cells

l  Solar cells should pass strict test by 3 A level test machine imported from OLBRICHT Germany select solar cells of same tolerance carefully for solar modules


3, EVA Yellowing, Delaminating, Bubble cause the low conversion efficiency of solar modules


Ø  Not qualified

l  Can not control low quality EVA, use EVA of bad adhesion.

l  EVA yellowing affect transmittancecause low conversion efficiency of solar modules.

l  EVA BubbleDelaminating can lower lighting effectsfastening solar cells aging, shorten lifespan of the module.


Ø  Ours

l  Use EVA of International famous brand with TUV certificate

l  EVA should past strict ultraviolet ray and aging resistance test

l  EVA for each order should pass rigid cross-linking test


4, TPT Cockle cause delaminating of the solar module, lower the encapsulation and insulation, shorten lifespan of solar modules


Ø  Not qualified


l  Laminator can not reach the requirement of the laminating, less vacuum extraction

l  Can not control low quality material, using bad dimension stability and low thermal stability TPT


Ø  Ours

l  Using advanced laminators with high accuracy and wide lamination area. make sure the vacuum degree to 20Pa, TPT no cockle.

l  Using high quality material, each order should pass rigid cross-linking and peel strength test




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