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Solar street lamp hidden danger marketing


Ø  1st potential danger    


 Solar module----shortage of power  

u  EVA yellowing , delamination and bubbling in panels influence the whole system efficiency.Using low adhesive and low ultraviolet aging resistant EVA will lead problem of yellowing, delamination, or bubbling, and lower the lighting effects of modules. It will also accelerate aging of cells and corrosion of  bus bars, then greatly shorten the lifespan of modules.


Selection, test or production control of TPT is not strict, and cause many problems

Using TPT with low stability and heat resistance without tests.

Lamination equipment doesnt meet the standard, insufficient evacuation, fail to meet the technical requirements of the production procedure.


Low light transmission rate of glass will reduce efficiency of the module

Light transmission of glass is less than 89%, non super white low iron glass, or non patterned glass, the lighting effect is then lowered, and efficiency of modules is subsequently decreased.

Non tempered glass, the shock resistance performance of modules was then reduced.

Junction box short circuit, black out in emergency and lead disaster.

Weak contact strength between electrodes and wires, not able to ensure reliable electrical connection.

Poor sealing structure of junction box, inferior waterproofness, lead to short circuit of modules.


Qualified products 

u  Select materials strictly, test it by high accuracy equipment

Select material with TUV certificate and internationally well-known product, raw materials to factories and finished products out factory must go through strict tests of the high accuracy OLBRICHT tester imported from Germany.

u  Guaranteed design, no future trouble in lighting

In order to cope with the sudden climate change, abnormal conditions, or decay of module efficiency, Himin lighting system spare 1.2 times safety space on the basis of local requirements.

u  Inspection items

Test the open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power, maximum power voltage, maximum power current, module efficiency and connecting strength.


Ø  2nd potential danger  

Lighting system-Light sourceDazzle, light spots, destroy car and hurt persons

u  Light Source without Inspection, No Quality Warranty-Light source with poor quality

u  Light source standard with empty promises

There is big tolerance between the actual power and the nominal power. Brightness can not reach the lighting requirements. It greatly influences lighting and visual effects.

u  Light source and lamp holder doesnt match each other, the lamp becomes light killer

Failure design of lighting angel will produce glare. The utilization rate of light is low, and the difference of road brightness will cause fatigue of your eyes, and finally lead to accidents.


Qualified products   

u  Choose the lamp with highest protective performance

Simulate the lighting status as in the storm

Spray the lamps for 45 minutes from various angles to check the sealing performance.

u  9 strict technical performance tests

Dust protection test, Weather resistance Test, High temperature test, Low temperature test, Damp heat test at high and low temperature, Electrical insulation test, Thermal aging test, Impact strength test, Resistance to UV aging test.

Without distortion, chalking, cracking.

Reflectors are vacuum-ion plated to improve the light use efficiency


Ø  3rd potential danger   

Command system-Controller     "Nervous disorder"  system paralysis

u  Component failure, No quality Guarantee

non-standard, low-quality electrical components,

poor stability, and easy to overheat and catch fire after long time work .

u  Non standard design, easy lead to electrical accidents

Poor program design, Printed circuit board, Unreasonable arrangement of PCB, Non standardized wiring, Unstable Performance.

u  hand welding

No Guarantee for the quality of welding, Easy to break down, No Life Guarantee


Qualified products 

u  The internal components must be tested by a professional institution

Powerful testing organization and advanced testing equipment testing electrostatic discharge, electrical fast transient burst, voltage dips and short interruptions immunity for a variety of electrical products, the capability of insulation resistance and anti-jamming tests overtop the national standards.

u  To set reasonable operating point, make the product more stable

u  Patch welding

automatic welding, effective control of the quality, to assure the life


Ø  4th potential danger 

Energy storage system- Battery

u  System design is not scientific, and the lighting can not meet the actual needs

The customer need is not be fully understood, leading to the battery capacity design is less than the customers requirement, the lighting time and the number of rainy days is not enough.

u  Inaccurate parameters

                The parameter investigation is inaccurate in the system design, leading to the designing mistake. The customer needs can be met.

u  False number of rainy days, and reducing the battery capacity

Manufacturers deliberately lie about  rainy days to drive down construction costs, and obtain a price advantage, leading to the lighting and rainy days is not enough.

u  Work with inferior battery

                  The recycling life is short, east to corrode. The recovery ability of battery after deep discharging is not enough, even without. The light doesn't work in cloudy days, or work less hours, even break down.


         Qualified products

u  Scientific programming makes reliable system

Get the monthly average total radiation amount according to the theory of Klein.S.A and Theilacker.J.C, and the longitude and latitude. Then calculate direct radiation and radiation on the slope. To make the system reliable and cost effective.

u  More than 100 indexes for a reliable system

Program the lighting system according to more than 100 indexes, such as longitude and latitude, duration and strength of sunshine, elevating angel and azimuth angel of sun, together with complete data accumulation, to make the design meet customers needs.

u  Scientific calculation for enough rainy days autonomy

Calculate the number of autonomy rainy days precisely according to the meteorological data of recent 50 years, to realize the optimum configuration and best performance, so that the light can work well in rainy days.

u  Battery especially for solar products

Use the high level special shield and with special double-layer design, to ensure the good performance of charging and discharging, and anti corrosion ability. Its especially good for solar product use.

u  Install the battery cabin upside down, and add sealing gasket

u  Bury the battery underground, and make cement cover in advance


Ø  5th potential danger

Light pole  

u  No rain-proofNo damp proofNo securityLamps short-lived

Protection against rain and damp are ignored in design. Rain proof structure of each part and the whole light were not added during production, and water then flow in the light, as a result, light pole rust, controller short out, battery terminals corrode, which seriously influence

u  Light pole is not damp-proof, systems are vulnerable to damage under high temperature or high humidity

Technical force is weak. The overall design of the lamp pole without air holes, internal

moisture can't normally exhaust. The system has to work under high temperature and

high humidity, and after a period, the battery will self-discharge, then illumination time,

service life of controller and the battery will all be shortened.

u  Unsafe structure design, electrical accessories easily get lost

As to reduce cost, electrical cabin door without security structure or directly use waste materials, which not only decrease the section modulus of the light pole but also reduce its wind resistance, moreover, there is no security measures to cope with steal of the controller.


Qualified products 

u  Professional waterproof threading holes

Professional design of waterproof threading hole, effectively solve flooding problem of light pole

u  Professional waterproof electric cabin

Add strengthening ring and special cover on the controller cabin, not only improve the security and waterproof, but also increase section modulus, and improve the wind load capacity, thus create the era of solar lamps safe application.

u  Professional air holes, ensure smooth discharge of moisture

Design damp proof structure completely, especially air holes of light pole, to ensure

smooth discharge of moisture. Apply high temperature and high humidity test on

controller and electrical system, so that they can still work, even if under harsh



Ø  6th potential danger      


u  Casual installation without standard

Enough sunlight is necessary for solar light, so the system installation location is very important. The installation must be strictly surveyed and designed, or it will affect the light working.

u  The foundation Jerry-built

The foundation quality directly affects the fastness of the light, the less concrete and the foundation will be the jerry-built project.

u  Dont understand the customers demands

Customers buying products dont mean their demands are satisfied, they just get semi-finished products if no after-sales.



Qualified products

u  Professionally solid survey, make the installation solution customer-tailored

Solid survey includes professional tools and complete visit list of customers’ demand, clear knowledge of the environment changes within 3 years and customers’ demand, strict design avoiding shading.

u  Operate installation standard strictly

Every project installation is carried out according to professional drawings, and standardized, with normative operation to prevent the potential dangers.

u  Regular customer survey

Solar lighting is different from the home appliances, it need work outside yearly, so the perfect after-sales is very important. Himin PV lighting can make the survey of customers use regularly, help them solve problems

u  Electronic service instruction

Provide the demo CD-ROM 0f light installation and maintenance to customers, realize zero customer trouble.


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