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Shandong: the whole mechanized "garlic" is a breakthrough

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Garlic, as a special economic crop, has been growing in recent years, with the national planting area approaching 3 million mu. However, has long been the main approach to harvest garlic or artificial digging plane, the production efficiency is low, the intensity of labor is big, especially in garlic harvest season, need to spend a lot of manpower material resources used for harvest of garlic. Now, garlic has entered the peak season in China. The author came to jinxiang county, jining city, shandong province for an interview. Garlic prices have been generally low this year, with many places suffering from "garlic you are miserable". Besides the increase of area, the mechanization degree of garlic industry is low, and the increase of labor cost is also an important reason.

All these factors restrict the mechanization rate of garlic throughout the whole process.

The problem of mechanization in garlic production is being solved step by step

Agriculture NongCunBu released on April 16, "in 2018 to promote agricultural mechanization to the all-round development of the key technical promotion action plan, points out that in the agricultural production in China has been from mainly depend on human work to a new stage of mainly machinery operation, agricultural areas has become more and more urgent demand for agricultural mechanization, the broad masses of farmers' dependence on agricultural machinery equipment is more and more obvious. There is an urgent need to increase the popularization of agricultural mechanization technology, promote the transformation and application of agricultural machinery scientific and technological achievements and the integration and matching, and lead the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization. Last year, the office of shandong province government specially issued "about to speed up the old and the new kinetic energy conversion to promote projects," "be satisfactory to the opinions of the agricultural mechanization development", made in 2025, the first in the country built projects, "" be satisfactory to agricultural mechanization demonstration province work deployment. These documents are issued to promote the entire process of garlic production mechanization to provide strong policy support. It is under the support of these policies that the problem of garlic production mechanization is gradually solved.

Not long ago, a garlic field in the west of hukou village, xinglong town, jinxiang county, was crowded and lively. More than 20 people gathered around a roaring machine and from time to time gave out cheers. The two brothers, hu yanmin and hu yanmin, are trying out their own garlic harvester.

It is understood that in order to reduce the labor intensity of harvesting garlic and save the planting cost, two brothers, hu yanmin and hu yanmin, have been studying and designing garlic harvesters since 2012. After years of painstaking research and numerous experiments, the garlic harvester with good effect and high efficiency was successfully developed. The garlic harvester they studied was 20 times more efficient than the manual one, with continuous harvesting processes such as digging, removing soil, cutting rods, transporting and bagging. The brothers applied for a patent for the invention of the garlic harvester and obtained a patent certificate issued by the state intellectual property office in 2016. At present, this technology patent has been bought out by shandong huayuan laidong internal combustion engine co., LTD., and carried out improvement and batch production.

In addition to the personal development of garlic mechanical, maria in shandong province agriculture machinery co., LTD. Has been committed to using the world's advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, design, development, production to adapt to the Chinese garlic in the whole industry chain required for the production of machinery and equipment, for planting garlic harvest link with fully mechanized solutions and provide automation solutions for garlic processing link. Owning and applying for nearly 160 patents and inventions; In 2017, the company undertook two major application and innovation projects of agricultural machinery equipment in shandong province, "garlic seeder" and "garlic harvester". Among them, the main products are all domestic initiatives, and have passed the quality test of agricultural machinery product quality inspection center, and have CE international product quality certification.

At present, we have developed such machines as garlic planter, garlic harvester, garlic seed flaps sorting machine, garlic sorting machine, garlic processing production line, garlic rice processing machine and so on. Many products have been sold to shandong, henan, jiangsu, gansu, yunnan and other places, the market share of more than 70%, has been exported to abroad, Peru, Spain, Japan, the United States, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and other countries, and been recognized by customers both at home and abroad and the height of the market.

Last year, the world first precise seeder garlic opening market, the machine by the shandong agricultural university, maria and a 5 years in agricultural machinery co., LTD. Jointly developed by intelligent precise seeder, garlic on the precise kind, uniform seeding, elastic covering garlic cultivation key technology such as intelligent monitoring have made a breakthrough, planting garlic per day more than 50 acres, is equivalent to more than 200 individual effort.

Vice director of shandong NongJiJu yong-ping han told me that the efficient precision seeder sowing garlic quality is very high, this basically is bud rate is over 90%, very accord with the requirement of shandong to the garlic cultivation of agricultural.

Efficient precision seeder garlic successful development, improve the mechanization level of garlic, marked the garlic planting mechanization has made breakthrough progress, for steady and healthy development of the whole garlic industry will have far-reaching influence. At present, the seeder has been designated as the first set of technical equipment products in shandong province.

"It is the responsibility and obligation of every garlic practitioner to make efforts for the sound development of China's garlic industry. We will continue to diligently for planting garlic harvest full mechanization, the garlic deep processing link automation to provide a more complete solution, the garlic cultivation harvest mechanization and garlic products processing all the full automation." Shandong maria agricultural machinery co., LTD. General manager xin li said.

Shandong province from 2015 to start the implementation of agricultural machinery and equipment research and development innovation, formed in shandong agricultural university, and more than 10 scientific research institutes, manufacturing enterprises to participate in research and development team, the garlic economic crops, such as equipment research and development as a solution to the production equipment shortages behind one of the key tasks. At the same time, the existing equipment into the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy scope, comprehensively improve the province's economic crop machinery.

Continue to advance garlic mechanization throughout the development

On May 11, shandong garlic production process mechanized on-site observation meeting held in jining jinxiang county. Garlic growers from jinan, zaozhuang, weifang, laiwu, linyi, Texas, liaocheng, heze and others attended the event. The field demonstration of mechanized operation of key production links, such as garlic planting, anti-flying spray, irrigation and garlic harvest, was carried out.

"300 mu per seeder during the operation season, 150 yuan per acre; Each harvester can operate 500 mu, the operating cost is 100 yuan/mu, the net income of the machine operator is 95 thousand yuan. Compared with planting 350 yuan/mu by hand and 1000 yuan/mu by hand, garlic farmers can save about 800 yuan per mu. Garlic kind of mechanized production, machine production efficiency is more than 20 times of efficiency, and can save labor, 50% if form the annual output of 1000 sets of machine and harvesting machine production scale, can provide more than 300 jobs." At the meeting, agricultural machinery experts calculated an account for garlic mechanization instead of manual labor.

Learned, NongJiJu in shandong province and the provincial departments of the joint, lead the nationwide implementation of the "agricultural machinery and equipment research and development innovation plan", has established the garlic cultivation, harvest, etc. 24 innovation projects. Shandong province will also support garlic and other special economic crop machinery in the purchase of machinery subsidies, research and development innovation programs.

At present, has been formed in jinxiang garlic industry as the center of the national garlic cultivation, storage, processing, export hub, "jinxiang garlic as" Chinese famous brand is renowned Chinese and foreign agricultural products, products are exported to 168 countries and regions, exports account for more than 70% of the country, single export of agricultural products in the country first. In jinxiang county, the garlic industry has realized mechanized operation from planting, field plant protection, harvest to sorting and processing.

"The next step, we will organize the implementation of garlic in fully mechanized production innovation demonstration project, foster the main body, new agricultural machinery operation service specification and efficient implementation of agricultural machinery JiangNong benefit farming policy, completes the intelligent agricultural information service platform construction, cultivating a batch of new professional farmers make efforts in such aspects, promote garlic full mechanization development forward

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