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Shandong province wheat harvest corn machine sowing level record high

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As of June 19, the wheat harvest in shandong province was basically finished, and the corn seed sowing was approaching the end. The province has organized 1.8 million sets of agricultural machinery to take part in the fight, fighting for sunny days, fighting for rainy days, fighting for grain, realizing timely harvest of wheat, returning grains to storehouses, timely sowing of corn, accurate and efficient. The province's wheat harvest reached 57.17 million mu and the yield was 99.49%. In the completed maize seeding, the seed seeding rate is 97.2%, and the wheat harvest and maize seeding level all hit a record high. It is characterized by "more, faster, better and less".

"More than". There are many machines, especially high performance and intelligent machines. During the three summer months, the province has played more than 5 kilograms of feed quantity wheat combine harvester 125000, accounting for more than 60%. A number of new high-end equipment, such as the longitudinal axial flow wheat combine harvester fed 8 kg, are increasing rapidly. Satellite positioning automatic driving, production water real-time monitoring, navigation, laser medicine fat variable precision control, precise sowing and seeding automatic alarm leakage compensation, high efficiency low damage grafting used techniques for the intelligent control and so on many harvest.

"Fast". The work is going fast. On June 5, the province started mechanized production in the three summers. From June 6 to June 8, 21 million mu of wheat was harvested for three consecutive days. The peak period of wheat harvest was two days earlier than last year. The province's 57915,000 mu of wheat harvest only 10 days on 90 percent, a large amount of land, 15 days on the basic end of the harvest. Around at the same time, vigorously promote "receive - wheat straw processing - mechanical sowing corn" "one-stop" operations, the implementation of "one-stop" work of more than 2000 ten thousand mu, press wheat receive and mechanical sowing corn crop.

"Good." Assignments are of good quality and promoting stick around crop of live, seed manure integration, green agricultural mechanization technologies such as returning wheat straw chopped and straw baling collection, encourage chop on wheat combine harvester equipped with straw counters-field device, greatly improving the quality of the operation, optimizing the ecological environment, promote the comprehensive utilization of wheat straw; Support service is good, the province to carry out the star inter-district ZuoYeDui activities of agricultural machinery, and communities in more than 8000 agricultural machinery service organization to participate in "SanXia" production, set up more than 800 agricultural machinery gun gun commandos, in grain drying equipment more than 2400 sets, to carry out the homework assistance for needy priority preferential, remove the trouble back at home.

"Save". Saving money, the large-scale agricultural machinery operation in sanxia promoted the cost saving and efficiency increase of agriculture, realized the reduction of both agricultural materialized cost and machinery operating cost, and saved about 100 yuan per mu. 7700, the province depends on the agricultural cooperatives, has been widely order operation, full-time nursery or half operation service service mode, such as inter-district homework contract more than 9000, to carry out the orders, operating area of 50 million mu, "housekeeping" nanny "let farmers SanXia time save trouble.

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