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What is the ideal motor protector?

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1. The purpose and principle of motor protector selection

The motor protector is chosen to allow the motor to give full play to the overload capacity and avoid damage. It can also improve the reliability and continuity of the electric drive system. At the same time, several contradictory factors must be taken into account when selecting protective devices, namely reliability, economy, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance. In can meet the protection requirements must first consider the simplest protection device, only when the simple protection device can not meet the requirements, or to protect the characteristics put forward higher request, to consider the application of complex protection device.

2. Why are traditional protective devices not very effective?

The traditional motor protection device is mainly fuse and thermal relay.

The fuse is the earliest and simplest protective device. In fact, the fuse is mainly used to protect the power supply line and reduce the scope of fault. Some people think that fuse can protect electrical short circuit or overload, not according to the motor starting current of fuse choice, but to choose according to the rated current, it is not scientific, so instead more easy to cause the motor due to damage to the motor open phase running.

Thermal relay is the most widely used motor overload protection device. However, the disadvantages of thermal relay such as single function, low sensitivity, large error and poor stability have been recognized by many electrical workers. The fact is that, although many devices are equipped with thermal relays, the phenomenon of motor damage affecting normal production is still widespread.

  3. What is the ideal motor protector?

The ideal motor protector is not the most functional, not the most advanced, but should be the most practical.

So what is practical? The utility model should meet the factors of reliability, economy, convenience and so on.

Reliability: first of all, the reliability of functions should be satisfied. For example, overcurrent and phase break functions must be able to operate reliably on various occasions, in various processes and in various ways. Secondly, its own reliability (since the protector is for protecting others, it should have high reliability especially) must have adaptability stability and durability to various bad environments.

Economy: adopt advanced design, reasonable structure, professional and large-scale production, reduce product cost, bring high economic benefit to users.

Convenience: installation, use, adjustment, wiring and other aspects must be at least similar to thermal relay, as simple and convenient as possible.

To sum up, the need to what kind of motor protector, the main function or see what we really need, what kind of environment, how much power, and high end to the requirement of motor protector. For example, if the function you need is to prevent the motor from missing phase, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase sequence, etc., then you should choose a voltage-type motor protector like tvr-2000b, nd-380, jfy-5-1. If you need the function is to prevent motor open phase, overload, over current, three-phase unbalance, etc., of course, some pumps also need underload owe flow, such as the choice of the similar SJD801. SJD - Y type current motor protector of this specification; Is more important, for example, you protect the equipment, or is the maintenance cost is higher, the requirement to the protector is higher, the recommended choice SJD801, SJD - Y of this type of protector, digital, high sensitivity, action time is fast, can display, etc., by contrast, than ordinary such as TVR - 2000 - b, NDB ND - 380-1 more stability; For example, just want to protect a certain function, equipment is not expensive, the accuracy is not high also, hope to find a higher cost performance, and the choice of the TVR NDB - 1-2000 - b, ND - 380 - the conventional motor protector.

So in the final analysis, the choice suits own protector key still should see what they want, but this is not desirable and biased, you just want to pay money to buy a millet mobile phone, to buy apple mobile phone, the value of this philosophy is not desirable, the main or according to their own needs to choose protector is the most suitable.

Finally, here are some Suggestions for the manufacturer of motor protector:

1. To find a manufacturer of motor protector, you must find a professional manufacturer. This can be distinguished from the length of time it takes to produce the motor protector.

See which industries have been served. Because there are two kinds of manufacturer of motor protector, is a production, sell products, one kind is not only selling products, and research and development, also provide solutions for the enterprise, can be tailored for the enterprise development. Don't look down upon the difference between the two, if only to sell products, that is, there is no security after-sales, out of the problem in product, only buy products in addition to discussing function price also do not have what could be discussed, but another way to discuss with you not only technical problems, and the key or provide your own advice and reference, to recommend more suitable for your protector, the kind of after-sale guarantee, at least for manufacturer for your environment, equipment know more detailed, the protector of form a complete set of more appropriate, because they don't fit, also won't recommend to you, can be individually tailored for you to meet your equipment requirements;

See which big customers have been served. Because the manufacturer has the high bottom, the service has the high bottom, the product quality, the price also has the high bottom, the after-sales service has the high bottom. If can a us-funded enterprise services in the world of the motor protector manufacturer, more assured, because you are worried about the quality of the goods time, stability, manufacturers strength, such as large enterprises have validated for you, compared to other manufacturers, more assured, after-sales and concerns will be much smaller, which is also have much smaller risk.

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