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How much electricity does light generate in an hour?

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How much is the solar panel

The answer given by netizen years not cold is: the maximum capacity of 20 square meters can be 3000W (10 pieces of 2 x 1m, single power 250-300w. 5/, relatively speaking, the higher the number of watts, the higher the efficiency).

Good quality solar panels, that's eight 12V150AH, polycrystalline 4; Watts, single crystal 5 tiles per watt, this is 13500-15,000

The difference is also more than three dollars and a watt

The controller can use 48V60A, the price is 500-2500 (the grade is up to you)

The battery's 48V300AH solar panel is priced in watts

How long is the life of a solar photovoltaic panel

Netizens a v good v's answer was: Yang to the life of the battery components is determined by its power generation efficiency, 15 years after the conversion efficiency of 90% above, 25 years later will fall to about 80%, so the service life of the solar cell components basic in more than 20 years, efficiency will be falling, and the combination of the p-n junction silicon solar cells should be decided by the purity and degree in the same light under the irradiation of the strength of the generate electricity, as time goes on, p-n junction is broken

Parameter calculation of solar panel

Problem description:

For example :a: size 180x90mm. Voltage reaches 5.5v. How to calculate its parameters

What is the maximum current?

B: the voltage is 5.5v

The answer given by the wind bell on the street corner of netease youxiao DE is: give the size of the solar panel, and calculate the parameters:

Calculate the size of the battery plate according to the size of the solar panel. The blank part of the edge is removed at 180x90 (assuming each is 20mm), and the actual battery chip power is calculated at 160x70.

Using this (160x70)/(125x125)=0.7, and then 0.7x2.5= 1.75w, we know roughly the power of the cells used in solar panels. Current calculation, 1.75/5.5 = 0.32 A, of course, in fact according to the edge of blank size, choose the battery power = = factors will have A part in solar ac power system consists of solar panels, charge controllers, inverter and battery; Solar dc systems do not include inverters. In order to make the solar power system provide enough power for the load, it is necessary to select each component reasonably according to the power of the appliance. Example: at 100 w power output, with six hours a day, for example, introduce the calculation methods: 1. First of all should be calculated daily consumption of hours (including loss of inverter) : if the inverter conversion efficiency of 90%, when the output power is 100 w, the actual need output should be 100 w / 111 w = 90%; If used for 5 hours per day, the power consumption is 111W*5 hours =555Wh. 2. Solar panel calculation: the daily effective sunshine time is 6 hours. Considering the charging efficiency and the loss in the charging process, the solar panel's output power should be 555Wh/6h/70%=130W. Seventy percent of this is the actual power used by solar panels during charging.

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